Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hey look! A post.

It's been over 2 weeks since my last post. To tell you all the truth, I just haven't been in the blogging mood lately. I'm still reading blogs, but mostly out of habit.

My time has been focused on applying for Graduate school. I got my application in for Spring 2011 and now I wait. Cross your fingers that I get in!! I'm anxious to get started on this next chapter in my career. It will take me 2-3 years, so I'll have plenty of time to get all of the critical care nursing out of my system and transition into a more primary care role, with helping people to PREVENT illnesses and manage the chronic diseases that bring them into the ICU.

Right now my focus is on working and making money. I have this new goal of working extra days at work and putting all the extra towards my car loan. I want to pay it off within a year. If I worked just one extra 12 hour shift, I could put over double the amount of my car loan each month and pay it off quick.

Also, I want to post about fun things that happen at work, but more and more I am concerned about HIPAA, especially since I am not posting anonymously.  Sometimes I have all these cool, fun stories to share and I want to tell everyone! Other times, my job can suck. But I have many more good days at work than bad. It's only difficult because of the tough scenarios. I have great coworkers and most patients are happy and thankful for the care you provide, but remember this--nurses work hard. We put up with a lot. We are physically and emotionally drained at times, yet we continue to give and help more. It's a lot of work. That's all I can say...

On Saturday, I did not run my 5k  because I've had some family problems that don't need discussing on the internet.

And finally....I would like to thank everyone who donated in my blog raffle for the bike ride to benefit ALS.

The people who donated were entered into a spreadsheet, and then Mirza and I drew numbers out of a bowl.

The winner of the $30 Gift Certificate to Amazon and Operation Beautiful book is...
Lindsey S.

Please email me to claim your prize:)

Thank you to those who donated. With your help, I over-met my goal and raised $175:)


Anonymous said...

i give you a lot of props for all of the hard work you put in at the ICU!!!

congrats on raising all of that $ past your goal :)

Rachel said...

Good luck with your applications!

Journey_On said...

Working overtime is hard. I remember how hesitant I would be when they (former workplace) asked me to work an extra day. But it sure does pay off when you see your paycheck. :)

I'm really glad you were able to go above and beyond your goal for the bike ride!

Susan said...

I've toned down talking about work because I'm worried about getting in trouble...which is sad because there's SO much to share!

Anonymous said...

your cat is so cute! That's a great goal you have for paying off your car :)

Amy Sellers said...

I have the same worries about posting on my blog. Mine is non-anonymous as well and the hospital administrators even discuss my blog posts with me at the hospital so I know the "powers that be" are watching. But, the best stories I have to share are ones that are very patient specific and often have parts to them that one could take to make the patient, the hospital, or myself look bad, so I hold back on writing.

Good luck with your grad school applications - hope your acceptance goes smoothly! :)