Sunday, April 22, 2007

the end is near!

Thanks everyone for the comments on my previous entry. I know that nursing is a tough career--physically and emotionally. I am not some idealistic nursing student with unrealistic expectations about the career I am throwing myself into.

With that, I am moving on.

This week coming up I have no exams, but then the following week I have an exam every single day, except Tuesday.
Last week I got an 86 on my MS exam, so even if I get a 100% on my final, I will only have a 92 (B) in the class. Now, I just need to make a 73% to get a B in the class, which will happen easily.
Pharm--I got a 98 on my cardiac exam. Highest grade in pharm yet. I am pretty sure I'll be getting an A in this class unless the HESI kicks my ass. Today I plan to work on the study guide.
Psych--90% on the final, so I need about an 88% on the HESI for my A. I have heard the psych HESI is easy, so I hope I can pull it off.
Time to get moving.