Sunday, April 8, 2007


I know, it's been far too long since my last post. I've been keeping extremely busy with school, but everything is beginning to come to a rapid end.
Let me recap.
Last week I finished almost everything that needed to be done for both MS and psych clinicals: case studies x 2, AA meetings, SOAP notes, etc. I am now technically done with MS, but since I missed one day, I need to return this Tuesday. Psych though? FINISHED! woo. I am happy. I did not enjoy psych clinicals all that much. It was pretty boring and when it wasn't boring, it was more scary. Not fun for me.
As far as MS clinicals, I am happy and sad it will be over soon. Happy so I can sleep in and not wake up at 4am on Tuesdays, as well as two days in a row off from school, but sad because I know I am missing out on opportunities to grow and learn more skills. I actually feel like I've been learning a lot. I attempted another IV insertion. Got it in, got the flash of blood, but when I went to hook up the flush thinger, accidently dislogded the catheter--woops. At least I got blood, right??

As far as classes--
-I have a high B, but since we only have one more exam and the final, the only way to bring it up to that 93% would be if I scored like 98% on both, which is highly unlikely. I can live with my B, thank you!
-Had a low A, now I have a 91, but we still amazingly have 50% of our grade to go, including the HESI, so I think I can definitely bring it up to an A *crosses fingers*
-Grades so far: 87.5, 100, 96. This averages to about a 94.5, which is an A. We have one more exam (final) and then the HESI. I think and HOPE I can pull off the A. I heard the HESI for psych is a lot easier.

What's in store for this week? Amazingly--nothing! An entire week of no tests or presentations. I'm enthused. However, the following week is going to be PURE HELL. 3 exams in one week--ms, pharm, and psych. I doubt you'll be hearing from me until hell week is over.

My last day is May 4th, then I am off for about 10 days and summer session starts. I am taking Ethical-legal nursing online, as well the community lecture and a special geriatric based clinical. Usually, community is taken during 4th semester with peds/womens/ob stuff, but we can opt to get it over with early. I thought I might miss out of some aspects of community by taking the geriatric focused one, but I figure I will get it done now with less hassle 4th semester. Also, I live in Florida, so it can't help to learn as much as I can about geriatrics!

OH YEAH and I've applied to a few jobs for the summer.


overactive-imagination said...

It sounds like things are going well. Hectic...but well. I don't think I've ever heard ANYONE say that nursing school is going GREAT. LOL. Why is it that they don't tell us PRIOR to being accepted to the program how freaking hard it's going to be. I think it would scare a good majority of people off.

How is your class holding up? We started with 130 students at the beginning of the program and now just prior to closing out second semester we are down to about 85. That's 45 people either dropped or failed out. I'm scared but so far things are going WELL. LOL. Last semester I ended up wit a 3.94 but was stressed to the max and burnt out, I've told myself this semester I will be thrilled with all B's, no more pushing my self tothe brink to get all A's.

I have 2 more days of mental health (MH)rotation, this thursday and friday (and friday is a half day) and then I am done with clinicals completely for this semester.....all done until mid August! YAY!!

I have an adult health (AH)test next tuesday and then another AH test on the tuesday of finals week. A MH final the following day and then my AH final the day after that. It's gonna be tough but I think I can pull it off.

Sorry this is so long but I also wanted to add that I entered a student nurse extern (SNE) program at our local high risk womens and childrens hospital and I LOVE it. Even though working at least two 12 hour shifts a week can put me in a crunch fortime, I wouldn't trade the experience for the world. Working with the post partum moms and new born babies is a blast and to get paid for it to boot. When I graduate I will be guranteed an RN position on this floor. I am also on the list for a possible NICU promotion since I have been floating over there as well.

I hope you enjoy working over the summer. I can't wait to be JUST working and not studying and going to classes too. What a relief that will be.

Sorry again for the length of this novel. :o)

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