Monday, September 24, 2007

First MS2 exam

I got an 88%.
pft. It is decent, but considering I stayed on top of reading and reviewing everyday after class, I expected a lot more out of myself. I mean, there isn't much else I could have done. I was studied out, but it would just be nice to see a grade in the 90's again. However, even a 92.4 is a B, soooo.
I wish I could just be happy with my B grade, but I'm not. I have high standards for myself. I don't want to know that I can pass; I want to know that I can kick ass and truly understand this information. 88 means I missed 6 out of 50. The average was 84.9.


overactive-imagination said...

I've taken a TON of classes in my lifetime, including being in a dental program and graduating second in my class and I've NEVER made less than a "B". Nursing school is a whole new ball of wax. It's tough, it's meant to be that way. I just about killed myself and got only a few hours a night of sleep in order to pull out that "Oh so necessary "A" in my first semester and I promised myself afterward that I wouldn't do it again and I won't.
An 88 is awesome considering that this is nursing school we're talking about here. Don't kick yourself! Really! Our class started out 2 and half semesters ago with 120 students and now we are below 80 with a semster and half to go. That's a big loss percentage wise compared to most programs. You are doing awesome! Keep it up and embrace those high 80's girl. Congrats

Anonymous said...

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