Friday, September 21, 2007

Semester 3

I need to be much more frequent with my posts!!!

I am officially in my 3rd semester of 5 and things are moving along quickly! This semester I am taking Med-Surg 2 and nursing inquiry (a research course). The summer was good, but a bit boring, which explains my lack of updates. Let's see...
This semester is not as difficult as the previous ones, as far as course load goes, but the content is still hard, as always. I have my first exam on Monday and it covers Hematology and GI. I feel that my work as a PCT on a MS GI/telemetry floor has helped somewhat, but probably not as much as I would like. A classmate and I have been reviewing after each class, so I feel pretty prepared. Usually I am freaking out by now, but I do feel like I have a good grasp of the information; not that I won't be studying my ass off the rest of the weekend, but at least I know I can relax somewhat.
For clinicals, we only spend about 7 weeks on the floor, with the other weeks being filled up with rotations in the heart cath lab, Main OR, CCU, ER, PACU, MSICU, and CSICU. So far I have been to the cath lab and main OR. My regular floor is an oncology MS, but they pretty much get everything, which I like the best. Also, the nurses have been helpful and friendly, which is always great. The best part is the view. The floor overlooks the beach, ah. And when it comes close to 5pm and the sun is lowering, it looks beautiful.
On Tuesday, I was in the OR. I saw: right colectomy with hernia repair, a laproscopic gallbladder removal that turned into an open cholestcystectomy because of too much scar tissue/fat. And please don't hold me to the spelling because I am too lazy to look this up right now. Following that, a quick drainage of a breast abscess. After this, I heard there was going to be a LEG AMPUTATION. This excited me beyond belief. All of my teammates who went into the OR pretty much saw a bunch of gallbladder removals, nothing too exciting, so leg amputation? Pretty exciting stuff! I saw a stent put into an artery and then FINALLY the leg amputation. It was so cool. This guy already had a below the knee amputation, so they were just removing what was left plus above the knee. I was amazed by how quickly it was done. They just cut it open, and pretty much electrically sawed it off. The surgeon handed the stump to the nurse and he put it in a what looked like a bucket that you used to play with on the beach!!

So, I've been contemplating the future A LOT lately, especially in regards to what area of nursing I want to work in. In 4 more weeks, I am in the ICU and I honestly feel like that is where I would like to be. However, I have such conflicting gut feelings about getting experience first in MS or going straight to ICU through all the great orientation/internship programs that are offered. I honestly do not think I would be ready or safe for the ICU, but if that is what I want to do, then I will be trained. However, if I go straight to MS and then to ICU, I would have missed out on a cool critical care internship.
I still have 4th semester, which is OB/Peds/Women, so who knows? Maybe my entire choice will change, but I highly doubt it.


shrimplate said...

Have no fear. Go straight to ICU. They need you and they will be glad to train you.