Saturday, July 26, 2008


My interview went great for the Renal floor, but after, I headed over to the other campus to see what the tele floor was like for the position I was already offered. I loved both places, but I am choosing cardiac!! Ultimately, I feel it offered the best stepping stone into critical care. The other nurse manager was kind of discouraging me from going into the internship very soon, she wanted me to stay for a year. However, the tele floor nurse was totally for me going into critical care and said I should try as soon as I am eligible next time. I love when people are understanding!

So, now I just need to decide if I want to start working early as a "PCT-new grad" before I get my sit pass, or just wait for my sit pass and start as a GN. I will be paid $22.25 either way, so I think I will start early to start making money.
I'm so excited to be starting where I want (cardiac).
I need to call the recruiter on Monday to let her know my decision regarding starting early. I am eager to learn about my options, as far as 401K, benefits, etc.