Thursday, March 26, 2009

I often wonder why people spend so much on books when there are thousands sitting for free in the library! Or even spending $4-5 at Blockbuster when you could possibly get it free! It is amazing. People really need to take more advantage of their libraries. I know all libraries aren't that great or up-to par, but with a little digging, I think one could find amazing and informative books, dvd's, music, etc. Look into it everyone and stop spending mindlessly.
And stop eating mindlessly too:)


Nurse Sourcer said...

Good point about the library... However, in these days & times, I think people will remember sooner or later. Unfortunate is the lack of interest and/or funding to promote accordingly. Instead we're being bombarded w/all sorts of no goods/no needed commercials 24/7 on TV, billboards, mail, etc. Cheers, Julie

Dragonfly said...

Until friends gave me a $100 Borders voucher the other week I hadn't bought new books in SO LONG that weren't textbooks. The last new book I bought was 3 years ago for my father. It felt kind of wrong to be buying them when I could get them at the library or get something to read (not current but still generally good) from the second hand shop.
I managed to offload a bunch of eBay this year as well - gave me more space and much needed cash.
Loving your blog btw..