Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I worked a lovely 12 hour shift today for Thanksgiving, but now I'm home and I want to recap what
 I am thankful for...

...having two delicious Thanksgiving at Mirza's house. His mother worked 11pm-7am and then came home to cook for us.  It was the best meal....ever. Meal #2 was at work.
 (work meal)

....great coworkers who make working the holidays so easy and fun.
...getting paid time and 1/2 for the holidays $$ (bling!) beautiful Max AMAZINGLY talented and handsome Mirza

...the fact that in about a week, I will have this lovely contraption in my hands once it arrives by mail!!!!!!!

muahahahahah SO EXCITED!!

I'm new to DSLR and this is a nice, entry level camera to start my journey. Any tips are welcome!! I am clueless.
(oh, and I totally justified this purchase as, "well, since I'm not going to school in the Spring and I won't be buying books anymore, I was going to spend the money before anyway, sooooooo...)
Also wanted to add that I was between Nikon and the Canon Rebel. I know a lot of people use the Rebel, but I went to the store and felt out both of the cameras. Mirza and I both agreed that the Nikon just "felt" better. It was more solid and real. And since all of my previous point and shoots have been Nikon, I went with it!! I purchased it online for a great deal and am waiting a little longer since I opted for free shipping.

...Five days off now!


Robert said...

Nice pics!

Tips: Get a 50mm prime lenses (not expensive) and learn to shoot using that, rather than the zoom lens that will teach you bad lazy feet habits.

Get a book and learn the basics of f-stop, aperture, and shutter speed.

Use the manual, av, and tv modes rather than the auto modes as much as possible (always).

Alexia said...

happy thanksgiving :)
i have that very same camera and i love it!

Susan said...

I'm going to a workshop next week that helps you pick out a DSLR camera that fits your needs....gotta put this time and a half to use. :)

We had a mini-potluck at work which was nice, and the day wasn't so bad at all. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I second the 50mm lens rec, though mainly because the large aperture will let you get really good low-light shots w/o flash.

I'm a Canon girl but I think this is the Nikon equivalent of my 50mm.

Rachel said...

Totally agree about Nikon. They just feel more "real" in your hands. We were going to get a Rebel (although they are not called that here), but it just felt insubstantial. Absolutely heart my (sorry our) Nikon!

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm so excited to see how you like that camera! I was eyeing it up on some black friday sales...didn't get it since I just bought my Nikon P90 this summer, but I'd love to trade up when I have some cashola!