Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nidra Yoga

On Friday, I went to my first meditation class. But it wasn't just regular meditation, it was Nidra Yoga.
From my yoga school website:

"Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness also known as "yogic sleep." The Yoga Nidra state is most similar to that of deep dreamless sleep, with the notable difference that the person is fully awake. In addition, Yoga Nidra is also a practice conducive to entering the Nidra state. Through guided relaxation techniques and visualization, this practice aims to create a deeply relaxing state for exploration of latent consciousness.Yoga Nidra is a powerful practice that complements meditation and that can be helpful in noticing deep seated habitual patterns of action and thought. This class starts with a brief section of gentle stretches to release body tension in preparation for lying down in a restful position for most of the practice."
Basically, you're lying in Savasana the entire class, besides the first 10-15 minutes when we did some light asana practice.
source: gettyimages

The hardest part for me was getting comfortable. After awhile, the pressure point on my head was killing me (I needed a pillow!) and my elbows were begging to be bent. I actually began to feel pain. Besides that...

At one point during the class, when the instructor was naming places like the desert, forest, the beach, that we were supposed to imagine, etc, I could feel my body pulsating, but not the pulsing of a heart beat, more like a wave. Immediately after, it felt like I was split into two halves down the center of my body and the left part was sliding away from me, while the right part was sliding up the room. It felt like my body was incredibly imbalanced, physically. It was as if an earthquake separated my body into two. It also began to feel like I were laying on an axis—while the left was moving away from me, toward my feet, it was also moving upwards. I felt so crooked!
It was not a pleasant experience, but did not last for long. After class, I evaluated what this might mean—perhaps it was a sign that my inner self is imbalanced, as well?

Anyone experience nidra yoga? What are your thoughts?
I definitely plan to go again--this time with a pillow and the notion that it's okay to keep my arms bent over my belly.