Thursday, June 2, 2011

2011: The Bad

Let's see...where to begin. I will make a two part post. The first part will be titled, "The Bad." Here we go...

I think I will start with the part I am dreading the most.

On May 5, our beautiful Max was diagnosed with gastric lymphoma. It is terminal and even with chemo, the average outcome for life would only be 4-6 months. We opted to not put him through that kind of treatment. Instead, he is receiving oral steroids and for the past month, he has been doing fairly well. At this point, we're just trying to give him the best life possible.

His entire life, he wanted to go outside, but we never let him. Well, now, he goes on walks with us. He's intelligent and walks right besides us. My vet thought this was funny and deemed it a "kitty bucket list," which is so true.

I wish I could tell you that we weren't absolutely devastated, but that would be a lie. Max is such a huge part of our lives. When he passes away, I honestly do not know how we will function. I mean, I just lost my mother in January, and now my 3 year old cat? I don't know how I can handle anything more.

It would seem that 2011 is dead set on breaking me down. We are both trying to be strong and positive. We brought him to the vet last week and he did gained some of his weight back (he had lost 2lbs, but he was nearly 17lbs, so he had some leeway), and for the most part, with the help of steroids and pepcid, he is eating and has energy. There is no crystal ball to help us gain insight in to how long he can go on like this, so we just take it one day at a time and help him live the best life possible.

We have been enjoying our time with him, too. He provides us with hours and hours of smiles and laughter. As you can see, he's not exactly a small kitty. And when we go out for our "walks," the neighbors take notice from their balcony/porches.
"Is that a tiger???" one guy asked..
Another, comes out onto his 2nd floor balcony, laughs to himself and very, matter-of-factly says, "pft, I have never seen a cat just walk."

It's pretty cute.

And he's getting used to car rides to the vet...

So, that is the bad part of what life has been throwing our way lately. The next post will be part 2, "The Good."


Rachel said...

My boy cat is three as well and I cannot imagine what I'd do without him. I send you so much love.

I wonder should I let my kittehs out? I know they want to go but there are cars and foxes... and other horrible cats.. :/

Raspberry Stethoscope said...

Rachel, he does not go out without us! we would never let him out on his own, so i would not suggest letting yours out either. He only goes in the front yard with us, and it's enough for him. He doesn't run away. he's too scared lol

Rachel said...

@Raspberry Stethoscope No not without us! Was thinking of getting them a harness and taking them out in the garden (we have a big garden) but my OH says it's degrading for a cat!!! They are quite scared of the outside

Colleen said...

I was just thinking of you the other day and here you show up in my google reader with a new post! I am so, so, so terribly sorry about your sweet kitty! We have 2 kitties and they are simply another member of the family. Perhaps one day after Max has gone you will find a kitty and be just the person he/she needs. I don't mean to sound like another kitty could replace Max, but sometimes the heart needs to be needed in order to heal. You will be in my thoughts.

Katie said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear about your sweet boy...Max is a gorgeous little dude, and it definitely seems like you're giving him a great life. Is he a Maine Coon? Our family friends have a Maine Coon named Clyde, and he is almost 30 lbs; it's insane!

Cruel Intentions said...

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