Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Online debate

Graduate school begins in about 19 days!

I'll be enrolled part time to become an Adult Nurse Practitioner.

It will take me three years, or seven semesters. I'll be (almost) 29 when finished. Hopefully I will graduate December 2013.

Initially, I was registered for Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice as an online course, and Ethical Legal Nursing on campus. I know it might sound silly, but I wanted to take one course live, so I actually felt like I was in school. Plus, in general, I hate online classes.

However, now my plans are totally shot because I just realized that the university has cancelled my live class!! Now, everything is online, which screws up my whole deal. I did not want to take Theoretical Foundations on campus because I heard that it's pretty boring.

What should I do?
1. Switch Theory to on campus and just go with it...


2. Keep all my classes online for now since next semester I will take Patho on campus, anyway

Pros and Cons of both :

  • If taken in class, I will actually feel like I'm in school, which I wanted
  • However, the class may be incredibly boring and the tests could be vague/theory
  • But I HATE online classes!!!
  • I would also have a 45 minute commute every Tuesday afternoon, but just once per week
  • Not a lot of leeway with work schedule if on campus
  • will need to pay for parking
  • For online, there is  $90 fee for each class
It seems like more cons to on campus, but I'm still not sure...
Thoughts ??


Amber Kay said...

I think you should go with both online classes, especially if you've heard that the one you would be taking on campus is boring. I love being on campus too, but I absolutely won't go if the class just doesn't hold my attention.

How much is the parking permit? If it's more than the $90 fee to take the class online, than is it worth it?

Just my thoughts!


Unknown said...

I've done both. Personally, the online classes can require a great deal more work than the actual campus classes.
From the Master's perspective, the level of the game is much higher.
I for one could not see myself taking any of these classes online (but many do it, and I have colleagues that swear by them).
For me, online NP programs were just not an option.
Best of luck with your decision!