Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Indian in the house

Right now Mirza is making Indian food. I don't know if I've mentioned it on here before, but Mirza is obsessed...obsessed with Indian food. We call him the Bosnian Indian.
He doesn't just love to eat it, he also loves to cook it. And he does it really well.
He buys his spices from a local Indian food shop, too. In fact, we have an entire basket in our pantry devoted just to the Indian spices, mixes, beans, etc. It's kind of ridiculous, I must say.

At the moment he's making butter chicken and chana masala. He's still perfecting his naan bread, but it gets better each time.

While his food simmers away, my whole wheat blueberry muffins are cooling off.

The recipe is from Emily's blog. They're whole wheat, vegan, and were super easy to whip up.

Meanwhile, Abbey has made her home in a laundry basket prison!

She grows more and more each day. Every morning that I wake up, I swear she's grown from a kitten to cat.

We'll eat dinner soon and then relax for the night. I have work the next two days and Wednesday. After that, I fly off to Boston to visit my wonderful sister and nephews. The last little hurrah before school begins.  In regards to my last post, I have decided to go with just online courses for this first semester considering the courses are on the  "easier" side. Once I take pharm and patho, then I will definitely go to campus.


Susan said...

Indian food is so good! My mom got really good at cooking it and I miss it takes a long time to cook (or at least it did for her?), but it is so worth it!

Enjoy your trip!

Christine said...

I think I still have PTSD from taking pharm over the summer in undergrad.

did you see that BSN was listed as the hardest undergrad degree.