Monday, January 22, 2007

my mind.

Lately I've been experiencing an influx of emotions. One second I am so pumped to study and do whatever it takes to be the best nurse I can be...and then the next--I just want to do NOTHING. Last night I felt pretty low, but then in class today I got another one of my surges of : okay, I must do this. I will work hard, I am motivated, dun dun dun!!

I came home and finished all of my notecards for pharm. NOW I have Tuesday and Wednesday to actually study (and not just prepare for studying). Although, making notecards really helps the info stick in my brain. I'm one of those people who has to DO IT to learn it, so writing definitely works for me.
We've had lectures on fluid and electrolytes/ABG all of last week and then today in every class. Wow, I never want to see the word fluid and electrolyte again...oh wait, I'm in nursing school, so that is impossible!!

I definitely want to work as a tech during the summer at a hospital, but I am kind of worried about the committment. For summer, I'm pretty much open (besides summer courses), but once school starts, I don't want to work at all, so I don't know what to tell a possible employee if they ask. I guess I could be PRN, but I'm not sure.

A problem I've been dealing with lately involves negativity. However, it is not even my own negativity--I feel like everyone around me is negative. I am not better than all of them because I am easily drawn into the negativity. But sometimes I just want to be positive and not complain about every little thing or get sucked into drama, but it is soooo easy to get wrapped up in it!! How do I always end up around people who are just as sarcastic as me? I need a change of scenery.