Tuesday, June 19, 2007

End of life issues

I have to write an ethical paper related to end of life issues. I need to present both sides of an issue, etc. Problem is, I can't think of anything interesting to write about. I was hoping everyone could offer some suggestions!:)
I want to do something unique since I am sure the majority of people will be focusing on assisted suicide, DNR, advance directives, etc.

These are the guidelines:
a. Dilemma must be an ethical/legal issue relevant to nursing
b. Make sure you state BOTH sides of the ethical dilemma Remember, each side of an ethical dilemma has at least one “good” position; that is what makes it a dilemma.
c. Each side of the dilemma should be supported by factual material i.e. nursing statutes, Florida state statutes or laws (or another states legislation), ANA standards, the Nurse practice act, peer-reviewed journal articles, research articles, etc.
d. There should be evidence of using the ethical decision making processes discussed in class for example the one listed in the text, the ANA code of ethics, the ANA position statement.
e. Your position should be CLEARLY stated). The best way you can present your opinion is to be able to discuss why the other opinion is ‘less correct’, as well as why yours is better.
f. How the outcome of the dilemma might impact nursing practice


Anonymous said...

LOL, Your funny. What school do you go to and what did you write about for your paper