Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hello everyone!
It has been far too long and I apologize. I've been a busy little girl. I got a job at a great hospital only 15 minutes away as a PCT in an "internship" program, which basically just means I get to make my schedule and they are very flexible. I've only had one day on the floor so far and I basically followed around the PCT. I'm finding it kind of difficult only doing PCT stuff and not actual nursing stuff, but it is a good learning experience nonetheless.
School? Incredibly boring. My community nursing lecture The information isn't that horrible, but the professor is a major bore and she does not respect us much either. The other class I am taking is online Ethical-Legal Nursing, which has some okay reading, but then it is just quizzes, discussion board, and a paper, so it isn't all that exciting. I am doing a geriatric based community clinical at the very big local cancer hospital, working one-on-one with a nurse practitioner. The experience is nice, but I don't feel like I am doing all that much, except observing. Overall, I'd say this summer is boring. However, me and another student are doing a project for Commnity and we might make a brochure that could potentially be printed for the clinic, so that is exciting.

Lately, I've been getting nervous about someone finding this blog, so I want to change my name. ANY SUGGESTIONS? I would like for it to include the Student nurse or nursing student theme.