Friday, June 15, 2007

I might be a bit sick in the head.

Today was my second day on the floor. I worked with an older black woman named Mary*. She was very nice. At first it seemed like she wasn't going to be much help to me, but as time progressed, I saw how she was and I like her. Surprisingly, the day was incredibly slow and somewhat boring. We had about 7-8 patients, but most of them could do everything for themselves. I did get to see a chest tube taken out, so that was pretty cool. That is one awesome thing about my floor is I see a wide variety of things, so I get to learn. I swear I didn't do much today, except vitals, helped a woman bathe, and kind of observed. The last like 2 hours were sooo quiet. I basically sat with this very talkative 45 year old woman because there wasn't much else to do. She had a great sense of humor and she was sarcastic, so we got along. I'm sure I'll see her Sunday, when I work next.
I finished all my ethical-legal for the week, so I have nothing to do Saturday. I suppose I could work on a paper or project, but pft. My boyfriend is away for a month and a week, so I am lonely.

Maybe it is only because I'm still a student and I'm learning, but when I compare my experience with the hospital to the outpatient clinic--I definitely love the hospital a lot more. I think when I become a NP, I would rather work in a hospital. However, I might change my mind after working in the hospital for so many years.

Something happened today that made me feel like maybe I was a bit morbid. When I arrived on the floor, the other PCT told us that a patient had just died and they brought him/her down to the morgue. I thought to myself, "Damn, I missed it!!!" I know, it is horrible, but I want to experience these things!!

Oh, one nice thing about today--when I left, a patient actually hugged me goodbye and thanked me a lot for helping her, so that felt nice.

I keep thinking of more things to add to my entry, but I just wanted to say how much starting my job has made me miss clinicals. When I'm there, I keep looking for opportunities to do things, but then I remember--I'm in a PCT role and I am not acting as a student RN. I want to go to clinicals, so I can start IVs, do assessments, give meds, feel smart, etc! I always knew I liked this stuff, but I am realizing how much more I like it now. I just want more experience to better my skills, I suppose.

*Name changed*