Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Critical Care

Well, the new Critical Care Internship Program will begin August 24th. Interviews will be June 22nd and 23rd.
They now have a new requirement. First, you need to have one year experience and second, you need to complete this extensive portfolio consisting of courses through CE Direct, an essay, letter of recommendation, a few other prerequisite courses, educational transcript, etc.
Since I graduated in August and passed my boards in September, I will be just shy of one year, so I need to really do everything I can to "beef" up my portfolio.
However, I am feeling discouraged and defeated in some ways. I feel I am quite capable of being an ICU nurse. I went to a great school and earned my Bachelors, which not a lot of nurses have. Also, a lot of my classmates went straight from school into the critical care without an issue, so for me, if I don't get into this CCIP and I need to wait until the next (February?) then it is going to just suck. A year and a half? I don't think I can last another 6 months in my current position. If that occurs, I might just give up and try to get into the master's program. I don't want to waste anymore time. I want my ICU experience, so then I get can get my master's...


The thing that I have against me also is the fact that I look young too. I am young (24), but it doesn't help when 85% of my patients think I am 17 or 18 and they tell me and ask me!~ I need to everything I can to work just that much harder so people take me seriously.