Thursday, July 1, 2010

whoaaaa I'm an alien

I'm here!
Tired, but here.
Lately, I have no energy. I don't get it. I think I have just used up all of my reserve. I hope to get it back soon, especially for the sake of my triathlon training:(

The 2 day CCRN course by Laura Gasparis was amazing, as expected. She is hilarious.
"I'll take the large bowel!"

I spent the morning making a study plan for the next...6 months?
Let's just say I am overwhelmed.
Working through it. Definitely need to proceed with a plan, though.
It kind of pisses me off when people say, "oh, the GRE is easssyyy." Ok, then I guess I'm a goddamn moron because just going through the math portion is giving me serious anxiety. I haven't done algebra and geometry in years, and even when I did it, I didn't quite understand it or have a grasp on it. Don't even get me start on fractions.

I didn't eat a lot this morning and into the afternoon...and then Mirza and I went grocery shopping. Not a good idea when the brain is low on glucose. I ended up dropping grapes all over the supermarket...and subsequently dropped a little sample cup of pudding all over the floor... um? Embarrassing.

Life is just a bowl full of cherries grapes...

Trying to eat more brain food..


Anonymous said...

Hey, at least your clumsy supermarket trip was a single experience. For me, that's my entire life. I can't imagine my life if I actually had a scrap of coordination...

Susan said...

I think the GRE is "easy" depending on who you ask. For my (crazy smart to begin with) exboyfriend the engineer, of course the math part was easy since he'd been doing much higher level stuff for the past four years. For the rest of us who haven't touched it in's going to take a little more refreshing! I'm looking into possibly taking the GRE and I'm not looking forward to it! My vocab is not good at all...