Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Daily Dose of Vitamin D

Temperature today is a perfect 71. There is a slight cool breeze, but feels amazing. Not a real cloud in the sky.

I decided I need some Vitamin D, so I hopped in the car with my towel (sans shower) and drove the whole 10 minutes there.

It felt sooo nice, but once I sat down, I noticed a funky smell and saw a few dead fish. Perhaps there was a red tide? I stayed for about 10-15 minutes and enjoyed it.

Here's a quick video:

I was rockin' an RN t-shirt!

Happy Tuesday!


Niki said...

Ah, so jealous of your weather and that you can go to the beach anytime!!

Eco Yogini said...

what a beautiful ocean!! sigh- it rained here... and there's snow and slush on the ground lol. so very different.

Raspberry Stethoscope said...

it's actually the Gulf of Mexico, haha

Anonymous said...

hey followed your link on LJ. nice layout here. All the dead fish are from the cold snaps we've had. i imagine we can expect algae blooms when it starts warming up. we stayed at the beach on the 1st and they were all with the clumps of seaweed like they bellied up and were carried in w/ the tide.