Friday, January 8, 2010

No Spend Month: Week 1

Week 1 of No Spend Month has been successful, if I do say-so-myself.

Working really cuts into my urges to spend and shop! haha.

To remind everyone, I only want to purchase essentials for the month of January. My goal in this whole process is to save and appreciate life without having to buy and consume mindlessly.

 Luckily, I have three movie gift certificates from work, so that is helping in the entertainment department.

We've been eating in, of course.  I had left over tomato sauce in the freezer, so we had that, among other things. I am realizing more and more how much food I do have at times when I think I have nothing! Creativity helps!

The challenge is to find fun activities that do not involve spending for the both of us. When I'm alone, no problem. I can read, surf the net, CLEAN, organize, etc. But when we're together, it's like...what do you want to do? I dunno, what do you want to do?
Anyone have this issue? Please offer suggestions on things to do. The problem is that I tend to sleep most of the day since I'm on the night shift schedule, so then we need activities to do at night...

I do have to confess though. I have spent on something that may not have been an essential.
I bought new pillows today.
But in my rationalized defense, my pillows were over a year old, flattened, and making it difficult to fall asleep. Also, I bought cheap-o ones from Walmart, and only two (I have four total on my bed!), sooooo we'll call it an essential.


In other news, I got the night off, giving me 6 nights off in a row! I don't go back until Wednesday, so Mirza and I can enjoy the rest of his vacation until school starts!