Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 goals

I really want to make 2010 the year of savings! Or should I say, the year of paying off everything!

But first, let's get the list out of the way:

  • Continue to eat healthy and exercise.I know this is kind of a general statement, but I feel like I've been doing pretty well in this area, so not a whole lot of goals currently.

  • Go on vacation somewhere. I have never really been on vacation. I have visited family in Boston, but besides when I was younger, I haven't been anywhere on my own. Originally, Mirza and I thought that during his spring break (in March) that we would go to California. See San Francisco, etc., but after calculating the expenses, it doesn't seem feasible at this time. So, instead, we are thinking perhaps we will drive to Georgia or North Carolina and spend like 3 days, 4 nights in a cabin in the woods; go white water rafting, hiking, that sort of thing. Everything is still up in the air at this point as it all depends on how much my tax return comes out to. I originally put the vacation out of my mind and decided I would just save, save, save. But my very responsible and awesome sister repeated to me literally 5 times, "Nicole, you're always responsible, go on vacation, you deserve a vacation." And since my sister is so smart, I listen to her!

  • Read more books!  I'm always reading something, but I really want to get in some good reading before the next goal comes into play. Right now I'm actually reading three books! Ask me what I'm reading if you're interested;)
  • Start grad school!  Yes, in Fall 2010, I would like to begin the Adult Master's in Nursing program at my undergrad school, USF. Since Mirza isn't graduating until tentatively May 2011, I figure I might as well just start school and get it over with. Not just "get it over with," but I would like to be finished with school before we have children and all that jazz someday.

  • Stay tidy and organized! I'm a clean person. Type A. However, I would like to kick it up a notch by making life easier. By this, I mean try to make a habit out of washing a dish right after I use it, instead of placing it in the sink. I want the kitchen and bathroom cleaned before going to bed.  This week I've been organizing everything and cleaning. I donated an entire garbage bag full of clothes. And most of them were just lounge-around the house clothes. Why do I need like three drawers full of pajamas??? I don't!

  • Get on the day shift!  This goal may be happening SOON!!! I learned  last week that someone on the day shift has resigned, so that means a spot is open! I haven't talked with my manager yet due to holidays, but this seems to be my in? I hope there won't be some other reason why I cannot take her spot. I NEED TO GO TO DAY'S. Don't get me wrong, I am loving the extra cash and it would be smart to stay on days in order to accomplish goal #1: save money. But damnit, I cannot live this lifestyle!!!  Updates to follow as I hear news...
Goal #1: Save money and pay off bills
  • Ideally, I want an 8 months emergency fund, but quite frankly, that is impossible at this point, but I am saving up slowly. I would like to save another $2,000 for 2010. That isn't too crazy, to me, anyway.
  • Continue to contribute to my 401K. I started with $689 at the beginning of the year and I now have over $6900! woohooooo.
  • I want to pay off 75% of my car loan. Based on my tax return, this would be quite feasible, but a challenge in self-resistance. I would need about $3,000 towards the car, and then another like $375/ mo to accomplish this goal. Ultimate goal is to pay off the car completely by January 2011 from that tax return. Seeing as this is a 5 year loan, I would be paying it off in two years, which would be a huge accomplishment for me! Because of my limited credit history, I did not get the best financing options, unfortunately, but I needed a car and I did not go all out and purchase some brand-new fancy car.
  • I will have my computer paid off by mid-February, if not sooner. No biggie.
  • I know all of this will be difficult once I start school because that means more expenses, but...BUT!! Some news: I may still be eligible (for the first semester anyway, until I turn 26) to receive Veterans educational benefits because of my father (even though he died). I received > $800 a month while in undergrad because of his 100% disability (all mental), and if I go part time, I could be getting close to $400 a month, which would help A LOT!!!
  • (PS: I have no credit card debt. Only debt to name is in the form of my car and student loans, which are minimal, like $2,000).
For January, I am challenging myself to a NO SPENDING MONTH. I will only be purchasing essentials, like food and gas, and of course, paying my bills. I honestly feel like life is surrounded way too much by materialism and purchasing THINGS that we DO NOT NEED!! I am so sick of it. Sometimes for entertainment, we go to the this should not be entertainment (unless you're shopping!!). We need more fun activities!!

When I have the urge to spend and shop, I will just channel my inner Suze Orman:

That's all.


Anonymous said...

Hope you will be able to acheive your goals ......Happy New Year!!!!!

Eco Yogini said...

Happy New Year!

those are some fantastic goals, and finishing grad school now rather than later is a great idea. :)

Hopefully Andrew will also get into grad school in the Fall 2010!

Blessings on your Journey in the following year!

Susan said...

We have similar goals! Can't wait for 2010. :)

Yessi said...

I stumbled on your blog while surfing at work today -- from (a comment you had left with a link). You are such a great blogger! And your food posts are great. Keep it up. I am bookmarking you! Way to go nurse/chef/fitness guru!