Saturday, December 19, 2009

blbla i need a vacation

I survived my first night in the ICU on my own. Obviously, they didn't give me the train wreck patients since it was my first time. I actually had one patient from like midnight to 5am because I transferred one to the floor. And then, of course, I got a patient right at 5:30. At that point, it wasn't my responsibility since the other nurse was there, so I got her set up and then the oncoming shift took over. So happy for that. I hate having an open bed and just waiting to hear what I'm going to get; it's totally builds my anxiety.
I also helped one nurse who got trippled by taking her patient to CT scan.

My one patient was quite annoying. He was on the vent, and would not stop screaming. Somehow no sedation was ordered?

Now I need to work tonight. And then I only have two days off and then work THREE IN A ROW *#$%#@$%@#$%@%*!!!!
When you work nights and have "two days off," it is stupid because one of those days is from when you worked, so it is really like freakin' 1 day off. I HATE DOING THREE IN A ROW, but I had to put myself on the schedule late.

I honestly need a break. I haven't had one in soooo long. I went straight from my last job in August into CCIP and I've been working non-stop. Seriously, like a week or two would be grand.


Gena said...

Sounds very stressful! good luck gettin' through :)