Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hope everyone is enjoying the last days and hours of 2009! I have to say, 2009 turned out pretty well in most regards for me.

-The year actually started with my father's death, which sounds awfully sad and tragic and by all means is, however, he was not in my life much, so it was more of a shock than anything.
-I also was let down in January when I found out I would not be able to apply for February's Critical care program and would have to wait another 6 months! argh.
-During January and February, I got a lot of doctor's appointments out of the way. I hadn't seen one in ...forever... since I had no health insurance prior to my job as an RN. I love to get my teeth cleaned and have it all paid for. I totally appreciate insurance.
-And on January 20th, Obama became president, which rocked.

-I turned 24.

-I celebrated 6 years with my love, Mirza.

-I bought my first car! ok, not my first car, but my first really new(er) car all from my hard-earned money. I got a 2005 Toyota Corolla LE with only 3,500 miles. Yes, 3,500, not 35,000! so to me, that is brand new! I actually spent the 2 years prior to this driving around with no air conditioning...I live in Florida, people!!! aaaaaggh. I actually drove off the lot with my new car in March and I remember the temperature was 56 outside and I had my A.C. on full blast. I wanted to cry and I won't say if maybe some tears were shed since a car is just a thing, but....

-Got my ACLS

-My sister ran the Boston Marathon~ ok so that isn't my goal of accomplishment, but my sister rocks. 'nuff said.

-Celebrated Mirza's 24th

-Had a ton of fun during the summer utilizing my apartment's pool

-Finally got to meet my youngest nephew, Matthew, and Mirza did, too!

Mirza bought his DREAM guitar

I got into CCIP and finally started working in the Intensive Care unit! And passed CCIP and officially became a "critical care nurse."

Finally started getting veggies from my CSA!

Bought the coolest machine to date:

Sigh! It's been a long year, but did not seem very eventful for me.

Mostly just sat around taking pictures of my other favorite man:

2009 isn't over yet, though!
Check back in a few days for goals for 2010!!


Dragonfly said...

Those are all pretty cool!

Eco Yogini said...

what an eventful year!

Journey_On said...

Sounds like a pretty good year!

Susan said...

Ahhh no health insurance?? I'm glad you have it now! Excited to hear what 2010 has to bring. I hope my 2010 is much like your 2009, with the whole critical care switch!