Friday, December 4, 2009

i cannot be responsible for typos in this post.

In attempt to prepare for my first night shift, I have taken the liberty of trying to stay up as long as possible tonight, so I can sleep into the day tomorrow. So far? not working. I've been tired since 10pm and it now 1:30am.
So far, I have been smart enough to leave some chores for after THE AWESOME BILL MAHER, such as:
-doing the dishes
-ironing my uniforms
-cleaning the kitty litter box
-taking out the garbage

All that held me over until about, oooh, 11:15? yeah. I have also gorged on some Lindt Dark chocolate orange...oops? So much for eating healthy.

In my attempt to stay awake, I purchased some new teas to try out on the night shift. I don't do coffee.
Black tea it is...

Organic Chai--spiced black tea.

Vanilla Bean--Madagascar vanilla bean with premium black tea.

I've tried exhibit A so far and it was pretty good. I'm still undecided how much I like black tea, but I'm learning to like/love it.
Sipped it in this cute cup I bought at the grocery store:

I then proceeded to munch on popcorn and order "The Ugly Truth." Ugh, I knew it would suck, but it kept me awake.

Here's some random photos for your viewing pleasure:

My favorite part of this photo is the lady yawning:

That actually was Bill Maher, I promise.

And yes, he rocked.

Damn, it is only 1:45. My goal was 3am, but I don't see it happening? I love going to bed...It is like torture staying up:( I really just want to cry right now. I was not meant for the night shift. I like to sleep at 10pm and wake up with the sun!!

I just need to focus on the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
wish me luck


Unknown said...

Best of luck with that flip-switch night shift sleeping.
It's rough.