Sunday, November 13, 2011


I officially begin my 1/2 marathon training on November 21st; the day after a 5k.

Since I've been running in my current shoes for quite awhile now, we took a ride over to Fit-2-Run to try on some new pairs.

I had my arch tested, ran on the treadmill, and tried on a few of the popular brands, but in the end, Asics still won my heart for comfort...

 I've been running and exercising in Asics, and I also wear the same brand for my 12 hour shifts as a nurse, so I  figured--why fix something that isn't broken?

I ended up with the new Asics GT-2170.

I went with a darker shoe than I normally go for; that also has bright wild colors. I figure 1/2 marathon training is out of my comfort zone, so I went with something different!

It was until I got home and took a better look at the shoes that I realized the numbers...2170...217...MY BIRTHDAY NUMBERS! That's a good sign in my book!

Abbey agrees.


Christine said...

I read somewhere it takes a day for shoes to recover for proper support. Couldn't tell from your post but would caution against using the same pair for work AND training. You probably already knew that but just thought I'd through it out there :)

Raspberry Stethoscope said...

Oh, I definitely don't wear my same shoes to work and for running! Just the same brand:) I would never bring my nice, new shoes into the nasty MRSA, CDIFF, VRE hospital

Krista RN BScN said...

Ewww! Haha, totally would never take my nursing shoes home with me anymore! They stay at work! I wear Birkenstocks at work. LOVE them! I use to wear running shoes for work, but found my body just couldn't do it. Running shoes are meant for running, and though we always seem to be 'running' at work as nurses, it's not the same. Hard on the body! Birkenstocks have made my feet and my back happier!:)

Krista RN BScN said...

P.S. I also wear Asics for running! Nimbus 12. LOVE the gel! :)

Brittany said...

I wear Gel Nimbus 13's and love them! I wear them to work... i'm not in a hospital... i work in a doctor's office. I need to get some better shoes for work! It's been decided.