Monday, November 14, 2011

Where Do You Run?

I've been getting in a lot of short runs to get my legs and lungs prepared for 1/2 marathon training.
But let's face it: all my runs are short, anyway!
That's okay now..I just remind myself of this during my 1-2 mile runs:

It's all about the experience

On Sunday, I'll be running a 5k, and the 21st begins my official 1/2 marathon training!

I devised my scheduled based off Hal Higdon's 12 week plan for the novice around my own work schedule. I will be posting it sometime this week for those interested!

Currently, I've been doing all of my runs on the Pinellas Trail, but I am getting itchy already to find a new running route.

For one, the trail isn't exactly the safest place for a woman to be alone, if you get my drift. And secondly, I know I will get extremely burnt out on running the same route over and over.

My main issue is that I can't just lace up my shoes and run out the front door for a run. I live in a gated apartment community, and while it's not a bad neighborhood, I live off extremely busy roads. Even with side walks, I do not feel safe running down the road. It is loud, dangerous, and people yell things out the car window while I run! I've walked to the store and flea market from my apartment before and it was hell. People stare at you, honk, etc. It does not make for a stress-free run. And seeing as how running does not come easy to me as it is, I definitely do not need the extra stress of getting run over or kidnapped!

With that, I am currently stuck with getting in my car and driving to a location for my runs.

Today, I went to a local park that has a 6 mile paved trail.
And I ran the entire thing!!!

ha!. Not. My furthest run is still a 5k. When I run 6 miles (not too far off from now!), you will know...because I will be screaming from joy!

This past week has still been pretty humid. I thought we were cooling off here in Florida, but the weather cannot make up her mind! I think the humidity was 93-100% during my run.
I know you can't tell, but the sweat is dripping here....

 Gotta love sweat, but would love it a lot more if it weren't still in the 80's during November.

Tell me---where do you run?


Eeyore Fan said...

Unfortunately I don't. =/ More like a fast walker (when I actually do exercise). I feel like I don't have the endurance for it currently. But lately with some of my friends doing 5Ks, half-marathons, etc. it is kind of inspiring me....

I live off a busy road as well, and one thing I dread so much is people honking at me or yelling stuff at me - UGH! Unfortunately that has turned me off to exercising outdoors (well, at least along the busy roads - there is a smaller road which I could walk along). And I get so bored with doing the same stuff over and over.

I'm thinking of possibly getting a gym membership, but I am a little concerned about whether I would have the time to do it with my schedule. Nevertheless, I know I need to get more active again! I have fallen WAY off the bandwagon in terms of exercising. =/

Anonymous said...

I'm just getting back into running after a 5 week hiatus, but would often run the surrounding neighborhoods (which aren't the best places to run, either). Sometimes I would drive somewhere to run near the water/beach, and other days I would meet up with the running club (the meet at a different place on tuesday, thursday, and sundays for the long runs). The running club is the BEST thing about's a small group, and everyone runs at a different pace, but it has really helped improve my running over the past year or so. You should see if there's one in your area!

Being Healthier said...

I run everywhere and anywhere! Just finished my 2nd half marathon- I trained alot with a run club on a greenway, I too live off of a busy road but I liked running on it because I felt safe - more people always driving by gives me a sense of security, I run on familiar trails, on the treadmil, around a lake path... :-) Good luck on your running journey!!

Christine said...

Nowhere, because my knee will pop out of place! I'm afraid of surgery to fix this issue too- well, unless absolutely necessary!

But I still love reading about people training for running and I enjoy your posts on the topic. I, too, never throught I could enjoying running (hell, let's be honest, jogging) but what part of the c25k I completed made me feel so great and accomplished.

Good luck with your training! If I read of any obscure trails in your side of the woods I'll let you know.