Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week 1 Half Marathon Training Recap

Before I recap, thank you everyone for the nice comments on the engagement photos! We are officially in love...with our photos! ha. I told the photographer that it's bordering on narcissism at this point because I am so obsessed with looking at them. It's just wonderful to finally have decent photos of ourselves as a couple, after nearly 9 years! Totally overdue.

And getting your hair and makeup professionally done is so worth it. Such a confidence boost. At least in my case, since I have no idea what I am doing in that department.

My hair held a curl for all about 1 hour. The hairdresser blew it out, then put it up bobby bins in loose curls for me to release before the shoot. We both knew it would be flat in no time, so we did our best!! And by "we," I of course mean..."she" because she really worked her magic.

 Taken with Mirza's iPhone...

And after the shoot:
Straight again!

Anyway, this is supposed to be a recap of Week 1 of my Half marathon training!!!

On Wednesday and Friday, I ran 3 miles. I was proud because my finish time for Friday was 20 seconds faster than on Wednesday. Baby steps, people! Baby steps.

And today was my first official "long" run. 4 miles. This truly was a long run for me...the longest of my entire life. Each weekend will be a personal distance record for me.

I took it easy. I allowed myself walking breaks (small, short bursts), and kept my pace at 12:30. I finished in under 50 minutes, which was my goal. I know that it's slow, but I AM TRYING.
 Trust me, I am definitely pushing myself mentally and physically. At times, my pace is anywhere from 8:50 (hauling ass for me) to 13:00 (at the end when the wind was coming straight at me on the bridge!).
I am absolutely covered in sweat when finished. I feel like death, but then immediately feel alive!!
I'm starting to love running. It just feel so great when you set out to accomplish a goal and then DO IT!

At first, I did not intend on posting my pace or breakdown of workouts because I am "slow," but then it occurred to me: someone needs to represent the slow runners!!! And be proud.

So, here we go:

Wednesday: 3 miles. Total time: 37:45
Mile 1: 11:21
Mile 2: 13:43
Mile 3: 12:39

Friday: 3 miles. Total time: 37:22
Mile 1: 12:14
Mile 2: 13:28 (ok, so I am sucking on mile 2's apparently!)
Mile 3: 11:39 (I saved it for the end, I guess!)

Sunday: 4 miles. Total time: 49:35 (This was tough. PDR for me).
Mile 1: 11:21 (same as Wednesday)
Mile 2: 12:06
Mile 3: 12:56
Mile 4: 13:11 (the wind was literally making it hard for me to breathe. So happy to see 4 miles on my Garmin!)

That's that!!
Slow runners, represent!

I know I have faster speeds in me. I just need to gain some stamina!

Before when I ran, I used to curse the entire way, and be extremely jealous of anyone who passed me on a bike. I still kind of am, but then I remember that I am working towards something greater, so I just keep my feet moving, and look forward...sweating, huffing, and puffing.


TheInspiredHousewife said...

I agree with you - I think posting "slow" times is encouraging for other runners. It's nice to know there are more of us out there! :) Great job!

Jena said...

Your engagement pictures are awesome! You guys are adorable!

Great job this week with your training!! I agree that you should post your times. When you gain some speed you'll be able to look back and see where you started! I didn't have a garmin for the first several months that I ran so I don't know what my pace was but I know it was tough!

Krista RN BScN said...

Your engagement pictures are awesome! Love them:)
Don't worry at all about your pace. Slow is still moving is it not?? Everyone can be a runner, and everyone runs differently. Keep up the awesome work!
My half-marathon #2 training schedule starts this upcoming week! I look forward to reading your progress as motivation :)