Monday, January 2, 2012


The other day at work, I took care of a patient who had suffered a stroke a few weeks ago and was aphasic, and hadn't yet uttered a word since the incident.

His background was from an Eastern European country; his family were very cute and appreciative.

When I began my assessment that morning, I noticed the patient say a few incomprehensible words, which I just attributed to a language barrier, and went on my merry way.

A little while later, I walked into the room, and his wife was at the bedside. Suddenly, he started to say the same unintelligible words. I thought nothing of it until his wife's face completely beamed with pure joy and through broken English and tears, "aaaaahhhhoooh myyyyy...this is the first time he spoke!!!!!! aaaah." She held his hand crying happy tears.

I hadn't realized this was new all this morning!!

The funniest part is that when the rest of the family arrived, the wife told them the reason he spoke was because of me!! She said I was so beautiful and sweet that he had to speak! That his face would light up when I entered (hardly, trust me). She acted like I did something special to get him to speak. It was hilarious.

A few hours later, she even gave me a gift!! The cutest "Thank you card" and a magnet cross.

So funny and cute.

I don't write much about work anymore, so I hope someone enjoyed this!

ps: I don't remember if I posted this, but I need to brag...

Four. Point.OH.

With a grading scale of 93-100%. Gotta love the College of Nursing.
Not sure I'll be seeing many more of these as I get into the heavier science-based classes, so I am soaking it in!
Semester 2 begins in one week!


TheInspiredHousewife said...

I LOVE this. I wonder what country they were from? Just goes to show that people appreciate your hard work even when you don't know it! :)

Raspberry Stethoscope said...

Oh, I KNOW the country, but was trying to keep patient privacy the best I could:)

Susan said...

Aw, I love nursing stories every now and then! One of my patients recently was from an Eastern European country, and he was quite strange. At first I thought it was a language/culture barrier, but no no no, he was just odd.

Congrats on the 4.0!

Brittany said...

LOVE this! Such a cute story :) Thanks for sharing!