Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 2.

My second day in the unit was even better than the first!
Nothing crazy or too exciting happened, but I loved the day. We had the same two patients: male, GIB and the female with H1N1 on the ventilator.
I got to do trach care, which involved quickly unhooking the patient from the ventilator and carefully removing and replacing the inner cannula. It was kind of intense because the patient is coughing (but no sounds) up a lot of secretions and the damn ventilator is alarming, but I did it!
My preceptor also said she thinks I will do great in the unit. Numerous times she was like, "wow, I am having a great day because you're doing everything!"
There is still a LOT I need to learn, but I'm confident that everything will turn out great.

Mirza said I seem happy and lighter. So true.

I'm working through my ECCO modules and enjoying those. It is a nice review of the body systems, but from the critical care perspective. And I'm finding that I learn better when I am not under the stress of some huge life altering exam (ie--school exams, finals, NCLEX). Of course, I need to know this information, but I WANT to know it and understand it, so it is exciting!


Gena said...

I am so tremendously inspired by how much you love your job, and how you are helping others. You should be so VERY proud.

Gena (Choosing Raw)

Sean said...

Congrats on a great day of orientation! I hope you're loving the ICU!

All I could think was, "I'm SO glad I'm in Canada and ICUs are 1:1 care"

Especially with an H1N1 patient...they can be a lot of work.


LivingDeadNurse said...

wow i am soo jealous. i hope i encounter some interestig things on my first day of clinicals tue

thanks for sharing

Susan said...

I love all the "stuff" that the ICU was so much fun to learn about vents, trachs, wedge pressures, etc in school.