Sunday, August 23, 2009

The end. The Beginning!

Halfway through my shift yesterday, the charge nurse presented me with a cake that said, "Good luck Nicole!" I thought that was so sweet. I honestly did not think anyone would even care.
And then my manager called towards the end of my shift (she doesn't work the weekends). She said, "I just wanted to apologize for not coming in to say goodbye, but I have the flu. I wanted to congratulate you and wish you good luck. You are a GREAT nurse and I know you'll go very far in your career. Thank you for working so hard." Aw, she was quite sincere.

Tomorrow is orientation from 8am-1630. We'll be in the education center, which is in an entirely different city, so I'm not on the unit quite yet. I'm anxious to see how the program is run exactly. I'm also wondering when I will step foot on the unit. I hope it isn't Tuesday. I think I need a moment to breathe (hyperventilate) and gather my thoughts...



Unknown said...

Wow. Ironically I will be embarking on a new job in 1 week.
I stumble upon your blog.. and voila' this.
I hope it turned/turns out OK!