Saturday, August 15, 2009

The night after I work two in a row is always hard to sleep because my dreams are so stressful!! For instance, right now it is only 5:45 am, but I am awake since I couldn't stop dreaming about real patients I had yesterday but with dreamt up critical lab values that need an MD call. I dreamt my 50 year old woman with a SBO had a Na of 142 (real) and that it dropped to 127 (dream) and that her H/H went from 10.5/whatever to 6.8 (dream).
Can't I just have some peace here!


april said...

haha you poor thing dreaming about work!

My job search sucks! Nowhere is hiring LPNs.. ugh!

Susan said...

I have tons of dreams about's terrible!! I think it's probably because I work evening shift and go to sleep soon after I get home. Many dreams are about something I "missed" or things that went wrong/could have gone better. It's so bad, I don't get good sleep anymore!