Monday, November 16, 2009

Code blue, Nurse Nicole in a funk!

I've been terrible about blogging. Lately, I haven't been feeling well, mostly just feeling like I look like crap and I not enjoying life, that kind of thing! I just feel like I need a new style. Maybe once I get some extra money, I will go out shopping. All I ever wear is jeans (practically the same ones I have had for 5 years), plain solid shirts/tanks, and flip flops. I am 24, but I look like I am 16-17 at times! But I also feel like I have no sense of style, that even when I do try to go out shopping, it is too overwhelming and I just give up and keep purchasing the same crap over and over!

I also saw that I have gained 5lbs! I know it is only a number, and I honestly wonder where this 5 lbs is because I think my stomach is still pretty flat and muscular, so I am going to pretend I gained 5 lbs of muscle, but I doubt it. I think I need to join this whole Back on track month. Not for weight or anything, but just for general eating habits, exercise, and mental health. Honestly though, I am just hard on myself. I eat healthier than anyone I know in real life!

Luckily, I had two good days at work, so I hope it took me out of my funk. Only the next 3 days off will tell...

Last week I established a new primary. I am not sick and will probably not need to see her until another check-up, but I like to know there is a doctor (close-by) that I can go to if I DO get sick. I also had my teeth cleaned and my eyes checked. I am quite regular with my every 6 months teeth cleaning. We never really went to the dentist growing up, so now that I have dental insurance, I take full advantage of it! Also, I never had my eyes checked before and since I pay for it every month, I figured why not? And my eyes are in good condition, so there you go.
Today I am going to a dermatologist for a general exam and a few questions, too.

I have about 2 more weeks on days with my awesome preceptor and then I am being shipped to nights. My preceptor is incredibly amazing at what she does. She's been a nurse for 18 years and I think 16 or 17 were spent in this same unit. Let's just say she knows what she is doing and you can honestly see that she cares about her patients. She is continually telling patients (or families, since patients usually are not aware) that they are her boss. And you totally believe her too. And she is not afraid to tell you if you're missing something or what you need to know, but she also praises. I love her! I know I am getting the best training for ICU with her because she does not miss a beat.

Let's recap:
Saturday:: Let's just say, I did NOT want to go to work. It was Saturday! argh! However, the day did turn out well. But, it was insanely busy. On the other side of the unit, there was a new transfer from the floor and I remember Rose* saying, "Room 2 will code today," and I thought, alrighty then. I was doing well with my two patients, developing a routine, or trying anyway, when Rose comes into the room and says, "Stop what you're doing," and I'm thinking to myself, "oh shit, what did I do wrong?" and then she calmly says, "Dr. SoandSo is going to put a central line in room 2 and I want you to assist. I will take over your assignment while you're gone, don't panic!" haha. I seriously thought I did something wrong by the way she walked into the room. I went to room 2 and "helped," and I say it lightly because my preceptor gathered all of the supplies (with me following) and then told me what to do. This patient was SICK. No pressure.

About 10 minutes later, "Code Blue, ICU, Code Blue ICU," and we knew it was room 2. We ran to the other side and sure enough, everyone was already at the bedside setting up and doing compressions. PEA. The other nurses decided I should do the recording, score! I recorded while another nurse pulled meds and calmly explained how to fill out the form. This code was effortless. Everyone worked together as a team, there was not one ounce of panic or even real urgency. The nurses in this unit are pros. After about 3 amps of epi, 40 of vasopresson, some bicarb, and d50 we got a pulse with the doppler! Amazing, we "brought him back." But truthfully, this was guy was not "back." He would die, and we knew it.

I left the room and 10 minutes later, again, "Code Blue, ICU!" I went back and started a new sheet to record. However, this effort would obviously be futile. We coded the patient for about 7 minutes and then a family member wanted to come in and when he/she saw the horrendous scene (seeing your loved one being worked on so vigorously is not pretty) he/she immediately cried and told us to stop. We had planned to stop anyway since the patient's heart was not responding, but I thought it was good for the family to see that YES, we were trying everything we could and there were many people helping.
And so, the patient died.

*name changed

I wanted to mention that "my" unit won the Beacon Award!


Susan said...

I wish I was a nurse like your preceptor, but I know it definitely takes time. It's awesome that you have someone so experienced and knowledgeable to learn from.