Thursday, November 12, 2009

Part 2: CSA week 1

So, I got busy and lazy (all at once?) and never posted part 2 of my CSA Week 1! Did everyone enjoy seeing the awesome farm? I love just thinking about going there next week for my second batch. I have a half-share, so I only go every other week, which is perfect since it is just me (and Mirza when he eats dinner here, which is a lot).

What was in this week's share? As mentioned in the previous posts, the farmers said this first harvest may be more of a "tasting" because of flooding, but there were still lot of greens to be had!

Pamela, the "farmer's wife" gave us a print out that listed what we received (if anyone wants a more specific name of each veggie, just comment):


Radish- Easter egg and D'Avignon (haven't tried them yet, kind of scared of radishes, need recipe ideas!)

Choi-Joi Choi, Tatsoi, Komatsuna (totally new to me..)

Greens: Arugula, Red Mustard (holy spicy!)

Eggplant- Orient Express

Herbs-Greek oregano, rosemary, garlic chives, basil (still in the pot for this one)

I got everyone (like they're human) home and prepared for STORAGE!

Before I left, I printed out this guide for vegetable storage and placed the pages in plastic protection and into a binder:

I know, I'm totally a geek, but it came in handy for figuring out how to best store everything.

Some photos of the loot:

The herbs smelt aaaamazing, hence the goofy face:

I really loved the eggplant, he was so cute.

Yep, I need help.

Next post on how the heck I am using all of these delicious plants!!


Susan said...

I think your last sentence would be my biggest concern...I don't know how to cook/use/eat half of those veggies! Let us know what you discover!