Friday, November 27, 2009


Today was so fun because we went to Busch Gardens and had a great day!

And then, the day was pretty much ruined because of the disgusting selfishness of miserable American assholes.

I'm waiting my turn to get gas. I was not directly behind the guy because I think it is rude to do that and rush people, so I was directly behind him, but with my blinker one. I was close enough to where it was definitely obvious about my intentions to get gas. I waited 10 minutes and then this suv pulls up directly next to me and takes my spot. I saw her look over at me, and then look the other way. I pulled closer to her and said, "Excuse me, I've been waiting..." She said, TOO BAD!! why aren't you in line!?!

I said, I've had my blinker on, I've been waiting!
She rolls her eyes and just looks ahead. I said, 'Really?! you're going to be like's a fucking, you're a fucking bitch.." Then Mirza said, "yeah that's the American way, right? Just take whatever you want!" And she says, "I just call it like it is!!" This whole time I am calling her a bitch and miserable person and disgusting. Mirza tells her that he hopes god and jesus save her soul (we're atheist).

Then the guy leaves and she goes to take the spot and I pull up to block her (I'm crazy). I came within inches of hitting her. The whole time I am like NO!!! Then she pulls ahead of me because someone else left ahead of us.

@#$%#$%#$^@#$%^$%^ I'm so disgusted!! Why wouldn't she just say, "oh i'm sorry, I didn't realize it" and let me in. obviously i was waiting, she saw, and did not care.
When I drove away, she was getting gas, and I pulled up to her and told her, "you should be disgusted with yourself. I hope you never get sick and have to come to the ICU, YOU STUPID BITCH!!" I know, totally cheesy, but it was just how I felt. She laughed like the wicked witch as we drove away and flicked me off.

When we drove down the street, I was so angry that it literally made me cry. Is this how humans treat one another?! I think it is this society. It makes me want to not go out at all and just lock myself away. I'm disturbed and TRULY SICKENED!!!

I also want to add that this was not a young girl. This was a woman in her 50's!!

To not have an entire negative post, here is my Max:


Eco Yogini said...

blegh- that sucks. You know- that woman could not be happy in her life. Anyone who is that rude or mean cannot have a meaningful, fulfilling life.

I'm sorry your day was ruined. :(

Hope today is a better one!

Princi said...

I haven't read your blog in a long time and I am going backwards with the comments (from newer to older). I am really sorry about what happened at the gas station and I understand your rage! I am not American but my boyfriend is. I would like to move to the USA but my boyfriend is not really on my side and the main reason is exactly because he is annoyed by people like those you describe in this post and in the post of Dec. 3rd ... that makes me so sad ... good luck and I agree with Eco Yogini, people like that woman cannot have a meaningful life, they must be totally self-centered but in the bad way!
Ciao and keep strong!