Saturday, November 7, 2009

CSA Week 1: Part 1

Around noon yesterday, I made my way over to the farm to pick up my share...

This is the driveway/walk to the farm. Along the fence are the cutest little wooden plaques painted with different sayings, etc. I wish I would have took a picture. Next time.

We could pick up our shares from 12-4pm. And since I arrived pretty much at 12, there were not that many people. I met the farmer's wife, Pamela, and she was very welcoming. She had us sign in and then gave us a paper with the list of vegetables we'd receive that day. I found this extremely helpful because it has the name of the veggie and an explanation of how it looks, how it tastes, and how it grows, etc. They kept kind of apologizing for the harvest this week, how it will be much more in the future (there were floodings, see previous post), but to me, it was just the perfect amount! No complaints from me, I was excited.

After I packed all of my veggies into the bag, I went for a walk and wandered around, snapping a few photos:

I also took a video on my way back. It is a bit shaky and you might not be able to hear me, but...

More pictures:

Stay tuned later for more pictures of the awesome vegetables and what I received!!!!


Lauren said...

Awesome post! That looks like such a nice time, soooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Eco Yogini said...

YAY!!!!! I Am so pumped for you! I loved the video- so weird to see such lush greenery! It snowed 10cm here on Friday (four inches?)... lol. And it's pretty darn weird for me to see tropical plants and farmer stuff, I just associate farming with non-tropics, i have no idea why.

Very fun!!!!

I am so jealous! :)

Susan said...

Yum! Lots of new stuff to try. It's like Christmas every week!

Ang said...

I wish they had something similar where I live. Basically the grocery store or Wal-Mart are my only options for produce!