Saturday, May 22, 2010

DC and Tri training

Traveling is tiring!
Sunday morning we made it to Washington, DC for my nursing conference. Like I said, 7,000 critical care nurses; truly amazing.
As some of you may remember, I won an all-expense paid trip from a scholarship at my hospital. I was more than grateful to receive this wonderful opportunity. Also, I was way, way more than grateful to be staying at the GRAND HYATT!!
We walked passed many hotels in DC on our voyages to the monuments, and we both concluded that no other hotel was as swanky and awesome as ours...

More photos from DC later.
Let's get to the good stuff, besides nursing/nation's capital.
Triathlon training!
Yesterday I started week 4 of the couch to 5k program. It was definitely the most difficult run yet. We had to run 3 minutes, walk 90 seconds, run FIVE minutes, walk 2 and a half minutes, and then repeat that AGAIN. Let me tell you, during that last 5 minute run, I was dying. I read all of these blogs of people running marathons and they run forever, but five minutes for me is a huge, huge deal. I kept telling myself, "Pain is temporary, Quitting lasts forever." It actually worked, too because just the thought of quitting and feeling bad about myself is enough motivation to help me tolerate being hot and out of breath! Since the beginning of the program, I have definitely advanced because there is no way I could have run for 5 minutes straight during week 1!! no way!

After my run, I had one goal in mind: clip-in pedals+shoes for my bike!
I thought about it constantly during my trip.

The bike shop was helpful and the dude let me try on a bunch of shoes. I decided on black so they won't look so dirty!

He installed everything for me, then gave a small demonstration and set me on my way outdoors! I was so nervous!! I felt like a bird leaving the nest, thinking, "wait, you're not coming with me? waaah." But I put on a brave face and went to the back of the building with less cars.
For the first minute or two, I could not clip in. I just couldn't "find it," but once I got over the initial panic of feeling like a loser, I clipped in fine and began to ride. WOW!! I LOVE THEM. So much more efficient and comfortable!!
After riding around for a bit, I asked if he would watch me ride and tell me if my seat should be adjusted. He happily obliged and raised my seat probably over an inch more.

Does this make me hardcore now??? :)

I'm about to go on my first ride with my new pedals this morning. My goal is 12 miles under 60 minutes.
Wish me luck!

ps: I would also like to officially ANNOUNCE that I have officially gone vegetarian! It's been a gradual process and for the past probably month I have been following a vegetarian diet, but now I am making more of a constant effort. I think that visiting the farm, and reading, "Eating Animals" definitely solidified my decision to actually label myself. As you may remember, I did not want to label myself before. So yes, *stands up* hello, I'm Nicole, and I'm a vegetarian. *sits down*