Monday, May 24, 2010

Finished before 830am!

I got home around 8:30 this morning and realized I had already swam and ran. Now it is 9am and the day is still long. I go back to work tomorrow after being off for 11 days:/
This morning I went to a Master's Swim class. I had no idea what this would entail and I was super anxious and nervous. It is always intimidating to walk into a new place and try something you're clueless about. The woman coach told me if I wanted stroke instruction, then it would be better to come on Tues and Thurs. For today, she suggest I just get in the water and get used to it. She then suggested I do some practice with the board to get my breathing right. I have a lot of difficulty with breathing. I need a lot of work. She just kept saying, "Don't worry, everyone starts where you are."
This whole time, I thought that running would be the most difficult part of tri training, but now I am thinking it might be the swimming portion!!aaah.
(Rockin' the one piece..oh.yes.)
I stayed for about 40 minutes, trying not to look like a dummy and doing my little exercise drills. Barely.
I was feeling a bit defeated and hopeless, to be honest, so I decided to go ahead and do my last exercise of the WEEK 4 COUCH TO 5K.

Funny that to boost my confidence, I went on a run. That was not me 4 weeks ago.
I am now looking forward to week 5!! POSITIVE THINKING! Week 5 is supposed to be the most challenging with three different work outs each session, ending with a 20 minute run with no walks on W5D3.

As for today's run? I felt stronger than usual. I attribute it to training, but also going out there an hour earlier. The sun was not as high and it was not nearly as sweltering hot. I could actually breathe!

I refueled with some oatmeal:

I leave you with some random eats from the past couple of days, as well as some photos from DC.
But first, I want to wish my wonderful boyfriend of 7+ years a HAPPPPPPYY 25TH BIRTHDAY!!! We'll be spending the rest of the day eating cake:)
Chana masala

Whole grain pizza made my Mirza:)