Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kindred Spirits Sanctuary: Cows

The following is a photo account of my trip to Kindred Spirits Sanctuary in Ocala, Florida.
"Kindred Spirits is a non-profit farm animal sanctuary that helps neglected, abused, unwanted, or displaced farm animals."

This will be a 6-part series broken down by animals because each animal deserves their own spotlight.

 Part one will start with the cows!

Mirza and I took the 2 hour trip to Ocala, Fl on Tuesday for a tour of the farm. We met with a wonderful staff member who gave us a personal tour and account of the animal's life, and how they ended up at KSS.  The stories that I post here are from my own memory during the tour!

Some of these cows were rescued from cattle farms as calfs. They said usually the baby cows will be killed, especially if orphaned because the farmers don't have the time or resources to help them, or they don't want to...

My favorite photo..

(These photos were taken inside and as a result, did not turn out as well as the other's)...

I don't remember the age of this calf, but he was born blind:(. The cool part is that from what I remember, he is being paired with a goat, and the goat will be his "seeing-eye goat." I found that incredibly cool!!

Unfortunately, I do not remember the names of many of the animals, but THIS cow was not expected to live past 1 year because of his pneumonia, and was going to be killed, but he is now 6 years old!!
Want to help a cow at Kindred Spirits Sanctuary??

From KSS website: Sponsoring a farm animal through Kindred Spirits Sanctuary is a win-win situation! People who care about these animals and their stories, but don’t have the time or space to adopt a farm animal, can still give a needy farm animal a great life! Sponsorships cover the cost of feed, shelter costs, and routine veterinary care for a particular animal for the duration you choose. You can sponsor an animal for an annual, bi-annual, quarter, or month duration. Each sponsorship is prepaid and does not renew automatically. By sponsoring a Kindred Spirit, you are assisting Kindred Spirits Sanctuary in providing the best care for each animal that makes his or her home here.

One year: $516.00
Six Months: $258
Three Months: $129
One Month: $43

Click here to sponsor a cow! moo. or choose another animal. Donate through paypal!
(As a side note, I was NOT asked by the sanctuary to provide this information on my blog. I'm only doing it because after my visit to the sanctuary, I truly believe in what they're doing, and I know if my blog readers could visit that they would feel the same way. All of the information I've posted here is from my own personal account with visiting the sanctuary, and information from their website.)

Keep an eye out for part two: pigs!


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