Friday, May 28, 2010


This morning I had to take a renewal Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers course. Great, right? No! I do not understand why I need to take BLS over and over and over when I have my ACLS. I guess BLS does go over what to do outside of the hospital setting, so I'll stop complaining now.

I spent the rest of my day planning my meals for the week and grocery shopping. I spent $75 on food. My goal was $60, but that's okay. Live and learn! I am just happy that I have meals planned for seven days and they are all nutritious, delicious, and of course, vegetarian...some even vegan!:)

After shopping, I decided to make Angela's Three Ingredient Chocolate Covered Raisins! aaaah. Why is Angela such a genius??
ooooey goooey chocolately-coconuteyyyy goodness
I love how they glistened.
Resist the urge to lick the bowl clean.
ha, yeah right
out of the freezer they came
and into my belly they went

Thank you, Angela. You have made my life complete;)

I decided today was going to be a rest day....but then I changed my mind! At around 5pm, I geared up for week 5, day 2 of the couch to 5k.
Longest run yet...of 8 minutes run! with 5 minute walk, and another 8 minute run.

I took my run to Lake Seminole Park because they have a nice, shaded 2 mile trail.

Before my run, I walked over to the lake for some photos.

Enough playing around, it was time to get down to running-business!!!

I'm not going to lie. I was nervous. Could I handle an 8 minute run without stopping?? Would I freakin' pass out from the heat?! aaah. But dudes, I did it. And it was NO WHERE NEAR as difficult as I thought. By no means was it easy, but it was completely doable and I pushed myself. Also, I ran with water this time because
I went 2 and a half miles!

I don't know about anyone else, but after a run in this heat, I am BEAT RED. 


I feel incredibly accomplished.  I know for many people, running 8 minutes straight (times 2) is not a big deal, but for me, it is!!!
The next run is 20 minutes straight, NO WALKING!! I would say it sounds impossible, but I think that today proves I am wrong.
Dinner was a vegetarian taco salad
 Mirza said it was "#3 on the list of top things I have ever made." He likes to rank my meals, ha!!

It had pinto beans, long grain brown jasmine rice, organic corn, organic romaine, tomatoes, salsa, and crushed tortilla chips. You can click the link above to see how it is made, and I highly recommend it!

Dessert was definitely more chocolate covered raisins.
I feel so great!
What is one thing you did today to feel accomplished?

Announcement: Tomorrow is the FOUR YEAR ANNIVERSARY of this blog!:)


Rachael said...

I'd love to see what meals you manage to come up with for 7 days! I am not very good at meal planning.

Anonymous said...

I'm so with you on the BLS/ACLS stuff. I just renewed my ACLS, and the instructor calls out at the end, "Oh, you guys all have your BLS renewed, right? You have to have that done first." We spent the first 30+ minutes or so going over current standards for CPR. I thought I'd get both done, or that the ACLS would somehow cover the basics since its... you know, advanced. Blah - ending rant now.

Anyway, congrats on your run. Not only did you run 8 minutes straight, but you did it in the heat. Seriously awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Happy 4 year anniversary!!!!!!! :) I love Lake Seminole it's so pretty over there. Major props to you attempting runnin in the heat of the day!

Unknown said...

I have never understood the logic of having to have both BLS and ACLS renewed. I thought the word advanced meant BEYOND basic? You're not the only one to question... Happy 4th Blogversary when it comes!

Oh She Glows said...

Congrats on your 4 year anniversary! That is amazing! :)

Glad you liked the choco covered raisins...I ate copious amounts yesterday! haha