Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It finally happened.
Everyone told me it would eventually.
That's right. I fell over on my bike.
You cannot even call it a "crash" because I was going zero miles per hour!

It all started with my leisure 4-5 mile bike ride where I intended to take pictures. I needed something fun and relaxing to do!

This is the bridge that I run over and see dolphins, but I guess they only come out when the sun is rising...

I always run past KOA campgrounds, so today I drove my bike into the camp!
This campground has been my life saver during my CT5K training because right at the halfway point, I always end up at their entrance, which has a water fountain!!yayy.

I rode some more and decided to stop by another park to take more pictures of the flowers, birds, etc

Just as I was going to leave, pedaling along the narrow pathway, I saw a pretty red flower...(this is the part where I bust my ass, so please keep reading for your entertainment...). Being the obvious National Geographic photographer of all living things that I AM, I decided to stop for ONE LAST PICTURE.

I clipped out of my pedal on the right hand side, came to a stop, and proceeded to lean to the freakin' LEFT and then PLOPPED over directly onto my left hip, luckily landing mostly in the grass.
It was like slow motion.
I said, shit, shit, shit as I zoomed into the ground.
My left hip hit pretty hard between the pavement and grass and my head slammed into the grass, but I was smart enough to wear a helmet.
I literally laid in the grass for a few seconds laughing out loud.
I sat up, looked around, and realize no one had saw...or so I hope.

Let's just say that if I were an 85 year old woman, I would probably be hospitalized right now for a pretty serious left hip fracture, hahah!

I honestly wish I had a more hardcore story to tell y'all, but nope...I literally crashed my bike going zero miles per hour.

Post fall:
And I did end up taking a picture of the red flower, but from far away....I wasn't much in the mood for photography at this point!! I still would love to get a close-up!!
Actually, for my first (and last?) crash, I did a pretty good job because:
1. I landed in the grass.
2. Nothing broke (including my bones or the bike)
3. A foot away from where I fell was a big ol' pile of dog shit! And I somehow dodged it, oy!

But the question is, if a Nicole falls off her bike in the middle of a park and no one is around, does she make a sound?


Joanna Ashleigh said...

I think everyone has crashed their bike at least once, I know I have, lol. But I love that it was because you had a "shiny" moment... hopefully we can get a lovely close up of this awesome flower later. :)

Eco Yogini said...

haha- i haven't fallen off my bicycle since i was 10yrs old- and the other day i had these moments of "OMG what if my brake stuck like THAT TIME and I crash on my face????"

it is bound to happen- but so glad that you were able to come out of the first crash alright :)