Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This is kind of just me thinking out loud and working some things out in my head...very new and dependent on a lot of situations...

I think i have found something that I might be interested in doing. As you may or may not know, by 2015, they will be phasing out the Masters of nursing programs and in order to practice as a nurse practitioner, you will need a doctorate degree
 Well, the University of Florida in Gainseville has already begun doing this, and actually has an Acute care track for BSN TO DNP (USF does not..), AND they have the option of internet based online courses for those who do not live in that area. It states you would need to still meet at least one time per semester for evaluation purposes, but not more than 3 times.You would do everything else in your area (including clinicals). This sounds like an amazing program because 1. we can stay here in my current hospitall) 2. Florida degree=cheaper 3. I would be a freakin' doctor (ha!).

The only crappy part is that I would need to take the GRE and as a part time student, it would be 4 1/2years of school (ouch), but I will have no choice either way if I need to be a DNP for the requirements. They only accept applicants once a year, and the deadline is March 14th for the fall. I think my goal/plan will work out something like this:
1. July 1st=start studying for CCRN
2. Get CCRN by Dec/Jan
3. Continue to work in my current position as an RN
4. Apply March 2012..

I would say apply this coming March 2011, but I dunno!! aaaah

I suppose I could take the GRE in between Dec and March, but that seems to be cutting it close, and seeing as I do not expect to do well on this sort of standardized exam, I would like to give myself time.
And also, part of me is super duper anxious to get back to school and get on the ball with things (I'm not getting any younger, har har), but another part of me wants to keep getting more experience in the ICU. I don't really think I want to do primary care as a nurse practitioner, so that is why this program sounds so great for me because I can stay in this area (pending whatever is going on with Mirza at this time), and become an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner.


Edit: After some thought, I have realized that I rock and I think I am capable of studying for the CCRN and the GRE together. Seriously, what is stopping me besides my own thoughts?!! YEAAH, I ROCK.
Technically, once the program begins, I would have 3 years of nursing experience, and TWO years of ICU experience. I think that gives me a good, solid base. And then I will still be working full time for 4 freakin' years while in the program for as long as I can!!

Honestly though, I miss having something to study. I'm a total geek.
Let the studying commence.
I miss school and am determined to start FALL 2011. 
Once I get an idea/goal, I am pretty determined...nothing is going to stop me, muahah!


Savannah said...

Long time reader, new commentor here. When you get ready for the GRE - DON'T STRESS! It's a very simply laid-out test, and with some studying you'll be just fine. I'll be happy to share any info I have from taking it . . good luck to you with this plan!

Rachael said...

I didn't know they were phasing out the MSN degree! Good to know...
You should go for it!

Amy Sellers said...

I hadn't heard anything about the ACNP becoming DNP only. Do you know if that's a Florida based change, or a national change? I searched the web to no avail :) Thanks!

Raspberry Stethoscope said...

I kind of worded it wrong, but the recommendation from AACN (American Association of Colleges of Nursing) is recommending that by 2015, all MSN programs (not just acute care) will be transitioned to DNP. It is only a recommendation, technically, but a lot of Universities have already begun phasing out the MSN. Info is here: http://www.aacn.nche.edu/DNP/dnpfaq.htm