Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sawgrass Lake Park part deux

Hope your Wednesday is going well.
After my awesome spill on the bike today, I mostly just hung around the house. It's been one of those lazy days. My eats were nothing to be desired, mostly leftovers.

I made my favorite snack! POPCORN.
I buy organic, non-GMO kernels from the bulk bin and then store them in a mason jar. It's my go-to snack. Super simple.

I love mine with just sea salt, but I hear they are delicious with nutritional yeast. Anyone try it?

To continue from yesterday, here are some more photos of our little walk through Sawgrass Lake Park.

Florida softshell turtle

Red Eared slider

When we got to the park, they have pamphlets for bird sightings with a checklist of all the hundreds of birds seen in the park. I told Mirza excitedly that we should buy binoculars and a bird guide and go bird watching!! He literally laughed at me and said I was 70 years old at heart, HA!!
It sounded fun to me...

More photos tomorrow!

I wanted to share some random articles I've enjoyed over the past few days.




I work for the next two days, so I shall leave you with pictures of my Max...

Question: What is your favorite Bulk Bin Item??


Christine said...

I always get different grains by amounts I need for recipies. stuff I don't want to commit to or store if I buy a big bag.

Rachael said...

Spices! It so much cheaper to buy spices in bulk!
I also buy lentils and beans in bulk.

I have a tub of nutritional yeast. Ive heard its good on popcorn too... Ill have to try it out!

DownDoggin in MN said...

I'm a dork because I LOVE the bulk bins! I'm with Rachel, spices are so much cheaper in bulk but I really love picking all of my homemade granola fixings out, you can get so much variety without being forced to buy a whole package of one item.

Thanks for the links too! Let us know how the nutritional yeast is on the popcorn, you have me intrigued.