Monday, June 14, 2010

You're bigger

I got called off!!!! yay! When the census is low, that can happen in nursing. I am using paid time off right now. So, essentially, I will get paid to sit in my house or go for a bike ride, whatever.

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday spent with my lovely Mirza. He came over around 10am and we watched the WORLD CUP between Ghana and Serbia. Since Mirza is Bosnian, I am sure you can guess that we were all about Ghana. And of course, they kicked some booty, so we were happy:)

After the game, I made us some Mac-Uncheese.
This is Mac-n-cheese made with nutritional yeast.

But it is NOT vegan because I used REAL butter and a little bit of REAL mayo (I just do not have these vegan items in my kitchen. Someday?). I am surprised how much the nutritional yeast does taste like cheese in this recipe. I topped mine with tomato.
Recipe was adapted from a vegan booklet I got at the Green Expo. If you would like to see the recipe, then leave a comment and I will update the page.

After eating, we went for a fun swim at the apartment. The water was luke warm, like bath temperature. It still felt good.

And then it was almost time for the next game. Germany versus Australia. Since Mirza lived in Germany from the ages of about 7-9 and spoke the language fluently, he was rooting for them. I decided to go with Australia because I love to vote for the underdog, in general. Unfortunately, Australia did not do so hot.

After the game (and after eating some homemade chocolate brownies. Sorry, no photos), I flipped through the channels and saw that the 2009 Clearwater, Fl Ironman 70.3 was on NBC!!!! I missed the swim portion, but caught the rest and it was so inspiring. I believe this was the course that runs or bikes right by my apartment complex! I saw signs for it,but had to work on that day, and missed it.

 So inspiring, in fact, that even though I deemed yesterday to be a "rest day," I was determined to go out for a run. Keep in mind, it is 5pm, 93 outside (feels like temperature over 98). I think I might be slightly insane.
I went with it. If you would have asked me two months ago if I would have ever said, "I feel like going out for a run!! I really want to run" I would have laughed.

This was supposed to be Week 7, Day 1. Run 25 minutes straight, which I did do last week for W6D3. I told Mirza I may need to walk some, but I didn't care and wouldn't take it as a failure.

The first ten minutes, no walks. I felt okay. I ran with water. When I got to my turn-around point, I told myself I could walk for 30 seconds. And I did. And I subsequently walked 3 more times for a total of 30 seconds each.
After 10 minutes of that, I knew it was time to end the run 5 minutes early. The sun was just too hot and it was feeling dangerous.
I am still proud of myself and I do count it as a victory and will move on with the program.

Mirza then made us dinner...

Doesn't that just look like a plate of summer goodness? 
He marinated portobello mushrooms in Greek dressing, and then sauteed them in olive oil with onions. Truly delicious. On the side, we had baked red potatoes, corn on the cob, and leftover dressing for the salad. I also had the other half of my tomato. Mirza is so good in the kitchen. I love to just eat a huge plate of veggies, how 'bout you?


Unknown said...

I have been watching most of the world cup games as well..such an exciting time :)

I love eating corn on the cob! A summer fave, for sure!

Rachael said...

I recently made a Mac & Cheeze from VeganYumYum using nutritional yeast, tahini, etc and it was SOOO good! I actually like it better!
And I have been all about roasted portobellos drizzled with basalmic. Yum!

Farmgirl Susan said...

That dinner looks wonderful! :)

Susan said...

I love that "call off" phone call!!

Robert said...

I know it's not totally vegan, but the olive oil mayo is a way to cut down on *some* of the animal products, and it's in regular grocery stores!