Sunday, August 1, 2010

Today I am thankful and happy for....

...having the day off from work to play. @ 1130. clean apartment.
...the smell of an autumn candle, mmmm harvest pumpkin, pumpkin souffle, and butter pecan. beautiful kitty, Max.


What are you thankful or happy for on this Sunday? Share!


Journey_On said...

- Having at least 10 months of nursing experience (as opposed to none)
- My parents
- Good health
- My own apartment
- My seasonal job
- My brother's family
- Friends I've made throughout my college/young adult years

And of course, tons more, but I'll stop there. :)

I like your Twitter background, btw!

Sarabeth aka Sarita said...

what a great post-i am a new follower and i love your blog :)
thanks for is what i am grateful for today:

-my health
-my hubby and family
-the cna program i am in that will allow me to flourish with beautiful opportunities already waiting
-my acceptance letter to school for jan 2010

the list goes on...

have a great week!!!!!


Miss Purple Stethoscope said...

That's a lovely post! Today I was thankful for (amongst many other things) the delicious pot roast we had for dinner. It was divine and I thought, if this were my last meal, I would be okay with that. I was also thankful for my parent's company whom, in good health, I shared this great meal with.

Anonymous said...

thankful for:

my momma
butternut squash fries
and good health like everyone else is saying! :)

have a great Tuesday chica

Christine said...

little late but
- my wonderful adoring boyfriend
- nice new apartment w/ nice gym
- good job (& being on vacation from it!!)
- stocked fridge/pantry
- being able to do laundry at home soon
- having the internet again!
-and the obligatory health answer