Sunday, August 8, 2010

Today I am thankful and happy for....

(I did a post like this last Sunday, and enjoyed it so much that I may continue each Sunday) wonderful boyfriend who made us stuffed mushrooms after work on Friday. He's so thoughtful

...the ability to move my body and do yoga with other awesome people

...sweet treats, like gelato (turtle cheesecake, hazelnut, and coconut, oh yes)

...taking initiative in my own life to be happy

...deciding on a plan for the future that includes something I truly want to do (stay tuned!) books from the library
...having a few days off from work
...and something more materialistic: my new iphone:)

What are you thankful and happy for today?


Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog and joining in the contest fun! Your blog is great too! Good luck and looking forward to connecting ;-)

Susan said...

Yay iphone!! I love mine. :)

I'm happy that people at work are sad to see me leave...makes me think I've been doing something right over the past year!

Diana said...

I love this.

I'm thankful for my healthy baby growing in my belly. For my wonderful husband and for the deliciously hot weather of summer.