Friday, September 4, 2009

Clinical days 3 and 4!

Wed and Thursday were my two "clinical days."
The day begins at 4am when my alarm goes off! They start promptly at 5:30, which for some may be difficult, but I love it! I know that in a few months I will be doing nights until I can get on days, but getting home at 6:30 instead of 8 is magnificent!
Wednesday was honestly kind of boring. Our two patients were mostly stable and could have potentially been medical or tele patients. When I spoke to Mirza on the phone, I was like, "Yeah, today is kind of boring ...nothing really crazy going on with my patients." To which he then replied, "so basically, no one is dying, so it is boring." haha so sad, but true...

Pt #1: Pt transferred from the floor to have aquapheresis
Pt #2: Pt who sat in bed for 2 weeks and as a result, had funky electrolytes and other issues.

Aquapheresis is new to this unit, but it is really neat. Here is the website:

I took the course and got a little certificate. But basically, it is SORT OF like dialysis, but you can use a peripheral or central site. It takes blood out of the body and before returning it back, removes a set amount of excess fluid into the drainage container. The patient gets to keep their other electrolytes, plasma, albumin, etc. The system is geared towards CHF-ers mostly. Love it!!

Besides that, the day was slow. However, it was nice because the nurse I was working with went through all the books on the unit and talked about scheduling, vacations, floating, etc. This was helpful because sometimes this stuff never gets explained well during orientation. It is kind of like "drive-by" teaching and then you forget, but she literally sat down and went over the essentials.
Get this: I never have to float to med-surg or tele!! They only float between the units!! AAH LOVE.


I'm going out to lunch with a friend from nursing school today and enjoying my 4 days off. I switched my schedule from Mon and Tues to Tues and Wed, so I could have more time off to be with Mirza and study.


LivingDeadNurse said...

wow sounds like you had a full day..and very interesting...i hope my clinicals get interesting

Susan said...

No one explained vacation/floating/ANYTHING to me during orientation. It was/is very frustrating.

I love hearing about the much interesting stuff going on!