Sunday, September 13, 2009

Transforming my living room

So, for about the last year, I've lived in my lovely, but very blank and undecorated apartment. I never felt brave enough to buy any artwork for the walls, nothing ever felt right. Well, this weekend, I decided it was time for my apartment to stop feeling so cold. As I've heard Oprah say numerous times,"Your home should rise up and greet you." Cheesy, but I love Oprah.

This is the before picture taken last October when I moved in:

Everything has stayed that way pretty much for the entire year, except I had different pillows on the couch.

And this is what I did this weekend (I'm not done!):

New rug from Ross: $24.99!!

Pillows came as a set of two from Kohl's...were marked down from $39.99 to $17.99 TOTAL.
And the metal art was from Marshall's for $45 total!

Grand total for revamp: Less than $90...
I still need something on that far wall. I am thinking some sort of shelving and a mirror. We'll see...
Hey, I'm no interior designer, but it is definitely better than before.

Ok, here are a few experiments:

I definitely like the flower one more...