Saturday, September 26, 2009

it's all greek to me!

Not a whole lot to report on the ICU job front. I've basically been in awe by how sick people can get so quickly. Sepsis=scary! I'm also in awe by how quickly they can also turn around and get better all because of great care. I love it!

I don't work again until Wednesday, but I have two labs in a row on Monday and Tueday.
Monday is apparently a lecture on diabetes and Tuesday will be the actual lab portion with stations. The CCIP instructors said the diabetic lecture is something we will not soon forget, as it is taught by someone who is quite enthusiastic, getting the crowd involved, etc. We'll see...;)

Mirza and I went out last night to a greek restaurant (we also went last Friday too!) and it was great as usual. We started with an appetizer of hummus with pita. The pita was warm and toasty, but soft. Last week we both got huge dinner plates, but yesterday decided to go for sandwiches.
Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera to photograph the deliciousness, but I got the portabella mushroom sandwich, which consisted of: portabella mushrooms, onions, red peppers, tomatoes, and A LOT of taziki sauce stuffed into a gorgeous pita bread! I LOVE taziki sauce. I also got a side of Mediterranean pasta salad.
Mirza got the same thing, but substitute the mushrooms for lamb souvlaki and the pasta salad with french fries!:)
I'm glad that I went with a vegetarian entree. I didn't feel weighed down by the meal like I would have if I had chosen chicken or french fries:/
We also talked about how if and when we finally get a chance to travel, we probably wouldn't even care about seeing all the famous landmarks, we'd only be interested in eating. Because really, who cares about the coliseum when you have amaaaaazing food!?

Schedule for today includes working on my endocrine modules, 11:30 yoga, cleaning, food shopping, and hanging out with Mirza. He teaches guitar all day Saturday, so it gives me time to catch up on this kind of stuff!!

I leave you with the ferocious Max!