Tuesday, September 29, 2009


First business...
If one more person enthusiastically tells me that a "cold front" is coming through over night, yet the high is still going to remain 85-90 all week, then I just might explode. No, it is not a cold front when your car reads this:

Until I'm able to go outside for a nice, leisurely walk without feeling like I hit a brick wall of fire, then it is still summer and cold fronts do not exist.

Since that business is taken care of...
The weirdest thing happened to me yesterday. After my post on the 31-Day Yoga Challenge, I took a drive to the library for some inspirational reading. As I am browsing the aisles, I do a double take at a woman on the computers. I realize it is the yoga instructor from my gym who used to teach on Sundays! For me, this was a total sign that I need to do the challenge. It was like the universe was opening up and saying, YES, YES, GOOD PLAN!! It's not like I live in a small town or anything, either. I also had a Bikram Yoga book in my hands at the time. Coincidence?

When I came home, I made a smoothie that consisted of:
-1 Stonyfield Farm Fat free vanilla yogurt
-handful of baby spinach
-about a cup of frozen organic mixed berries
-1 packet of Amazing Grass Meal
-ice cubes

!! It was so creamy, but went down smooth. Perfect amount of sweetness. And it kept me full for a surprisingly long time. When dinner time rolled around, I kept thinking to myself, "why am I not hungry?? What the heck did I even eat today!!?" Then I remembered the smoothie with the Amazing Grass product and everything made sense.

I have a few domestic things to take care of, but expect a post later on about my yoga goals for the 31-Day Yoga Challenge. I'm super excited, in case anyone hasn't caught on!!

Until then, I leave you with a delicious organic honeycrisp apple sitting on an apple shaped cutting board.

And I totally smashed my head on the cabinet trying to get a different angle<---loser.