Saturday, June 27, 2009


What a shocker--I was floated today! To a med-surg floor! aughhh it was horrible! I had 6 patients with a tech for 4, but believe me, when you go from 4 to 6, it is a big difference. Plus, when you're on a different floor you're already discombobulated as it is, sigh. I didn't eat lunch. The charge nurse of that floor told me I could leave at 3 (woo), but then my charge said another MED SURG floor needed me *headdesk*. So, at 3, I merrily (pft) made me way to the other floor and began taking report.
The floor was incredibly unorganized, no where to sit. You have to stand with a stupid little table against the wall. We at least have places to sit and chart, etc. THEN, the charge nurse called me over halfway through my report and said they had I went home and here I am.
If I would have stayed there is no way I would have eaten. I had oatmeal with pb toast before work and then at around 10:30, I had half of a whole grain bagel, half of my yogurt, and half of my banana (only half of everything because I kept getting called and I had a patient being transferred). And so then from 10:30 until when I got home I had NOTHING. There was no time. I need to count down the days until I'm in the ICU!!
Hey, I may not have time for anything then, but at least my job will actually be stimulating.

Since I got home before sunset for once, I went for a 30 minute walk on the Pinellas Trail to clear my head!